At Connect, we are a cooperative of people helping people and aim to fulfill this promise to our members each day. We do this by offering various checking and savings products with no annual fees, various loan options with ambitious rates and the best possible service to all our members.


Connect Credit Union offers a variety of savings products to help you build your wealth, gain independence and plan for your future.

- Our Primary Share Accounts are essentially basic savings accounts that establish your credit union membership. There is a $5 minimum balance required and an average daily balance of $100 required in order to earn dividends. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly with this savings account.

Club Accounts
- Connect offers two different club accounts to our members: Christmas Club Account and Special Club Accounts. Special Club Accounts allow you to save money for holidays, vacation, graduation, a wedding or any other special occasion. You can even name your Special Club! There is an average daily balance of $100 required to earn dividends, which are paid and compounded monthly. The Christmas Club Account is also paid and compounded monthly and has an average daily balance requirement of $100, but is different because funds are automatically transferred to your credit union savings or checking account the first week in November. Deposits can also be automatically made to your Christmas Club account at any time.

Money Market
- Additionally, we offer a Money Market Account, which is a tiered savings account that rewards you for maintaining higher balances with higher dividends. By maintaining a balance of at least $2500, you will earn dividends and can make deposits and withdrawals in any amount, giving you the freedom to access your money when need it the most. Electronic transfer limitations apply for more information see your Account Terms & Conditions. Let your money work as hard as you do and fill out an application at your nearest branch.

IRA Accounts
- Our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) have no minimum balance requirement, the dividends are paid and compounded monthly and both Traditional and Roth IRAs are available.

- We also offer Certificates of Deposit (CDs) which have multiple terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years. There is a $1,000 minimum balance required for Regular certificates of deposit and a $25,000 minimum balance required for Jumbo certificates of deposit. Much like IRAs, the dividends are paid and compounded monthly.


Our Connect checking accounts are packed with the valuable benefits and services listed below for a nominal monthly checking Account Security Fee of $2.75. This fee will be automatically waived as a reward for members who maintain a minimum combined deposit and/or loan balance** of $10,000 in the prior month. You can increase your purchasing power with your Connect Credit Union Debit Card, which allows you to make purchases at millions of VISA merchants worldwide.

With our Connect Checking, dividends are paid and compounded monthly when you have an average daily balance of $1,000.

Our eChecking Account offers the same benefits as our Connect Checking and higher dividends when you have Direct Deposit of at least $250 per month, enroll in Online Banking to receive eStatements and make a minimum of 12 Debit Card signature based transactions per month.

Debit Card

Enhanced Security


Credit Cards

Our Platinum MasterCard credit card offers you phenomenal benefits geared to fit your lifestyle!

We offer competitive rates, cash advances at ATMs nationwide and there’s no annual fee! Our members can enjoy the luxury of worldwide acceptance and easy balance transfers from other lenders. We also host a rewards program that offers travel and merchandise rewards to our members.

As an added bonus, any of our MasterCard owners with a limit above $2,000 are backed by $1,000,000 Travel Accident Insurance.

If you have any questions regarding our MasterCard, please connect with a representative or you can complete an applciation or apply for your credit card  online,

Rewards Program


Apply for a Loan

Personal Loans -
Whether it’s a planned vacation, unexpected expenses or a debt  consolidation, our Personal Loans are the perfect solution for many of your lending needs. At Connect Credit Union, we offer personal loans up to $15,000 with terms up to 60 months. Connect with a representative for more information.

Home Loans
- Your home is your most powerful asset! Whether you are in the market to purchase, refinance or take cash out from the equity in your home, Connect Credit Union has a home loan solution to meet your needs.

- Connect offers a variety of 1st Mortgage products to fit your needs. We understand that every borrower is different, and , with our mortgage partners, we offer a variety of products to meet your individual requirements.


Our mortgage partners will evaluate your individual credit and income picture to determine what loan programs you qualify for. They have access to a variety of programs that will provide you with the lowest interest rates, the terms you desire and the least amount of costs to maximize your dollars. Our mortgage partners treat every member with respect and the utmost consideration when evaluating your individual financial needs.

Home Equity Line of Credit
- With a home equity line of credit from Connect Credit Union, you can consolidate debt, make home improvements, pay for college tuition or make purchases such as a vacation or a car. Our line of credit has an adjustable rate and a flexible payment feature with credit lines up to $450,000.


Our current rates can be found online, along with a list of required documentation. You can submit an application online or connect with a representative for more information.

Vehicle Loans

With Connect Credit Union, members can take advantage of our new and used auto loans with terms ranging from 36 to 72 months. We also provide financing for a variety of other recreational vehicles, including RVs, boats and motorcycles.


For more information, please connect with a representative or you can apply for a loan online today!



Debt Consolidation Loan

Simplify your life by consolidating your debt into one monthly payment with a Debt Consolidation Loan from Connect Credit Union. By providing a copy of statements from your current lenders , we can help you achieve financial freedom.


For more information, please connect with a representative or you can apply for a loan online today!

Share Secured Loans

Share Secured loans allow you to borrow money against your balance in your share accounts at your credit union. They are great for when you need to make a purchase but don’t want to liquidate your savings and they can help to build or reestablish your credit.

Loan Protection

- Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is available on all Connect Credit Union vehicle loans. For a nominal one-time fee if your vehicle is totaled or stolen GAP will cover the difference between what you owe and what your insurance covers. It also will cover your deductible.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection
- Protect yourself against unexpected vehicle repairs with Mechanical Breakdown Protection from Connect Credit Union. Mechanical Breakdown Protection can be purchased on many makes and models. Click here for more information and a quote.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage - You have already taken the first step toward greater financial security by joining our Credit Union family. Now, take the next important step as we provide you with $1,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage- at no cost to you. Learn more information about coverage for yourself and your family.

Credit Protection
- Connect Credit Union offers Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance to our members on many of our loan products. With Credit Disability insurance, should the primary borrower be out of work more than 30 days the loan payment may be made until the primary borrower returns to work or the loan is paid in full. Credit Life insurance is available for both the primary and joint borrowers in the event either borrower passes on the loan may be paid in full. For more information, connect with a representative.